(Applicable to professionals and customers)

1. General conditions related to the sale tickets

1.1. Introduction

CHECK THEATRE, EURL with a capital of € 10,000, located at 66 rue des Archives – 75003 Paris, registered with RCS Paris under number 523 057 586. Intra-community VAT number: FR02523057586.
The Company CHECK THEATRE offers concert and theater tickets of higher categories (mainly Cat. Gold, Cat. 1).

1.2. Objective of the Contract

These Terms of Sales (hereinafter "TOS") are intended to define the terms and conditions of access to offers and services provided to the customers of CHECK THEATRE (hereinafter the "Customers").

Any request and / or order from the Customer placed with CHECK THEATRE shall be subjected to these TOS without restriction or reservation of the Customer. Please note that the Customer must in the capacity to enter into a contract and to commit to these TOS.

These TOS are intended to replace any previous version of the TOS and may be subject to changes at any time. Please note that such amendments will in no way be binding on the customers whose orders had been previously accepted and confirmed by CHECK THEATRE.

In addition, abstention by CHECK THEATRE to timely avail of any provision in these TOS does not imply a waiver of that provision. If any provision of the TOS should become void, it will not in any case entail the nullity of the other provisions.

1.3. Tickets

Apart from exceptions, CHECK THEATRE delivers vouchers. In this case, the final tickets must be withdrawn in exchange for vouchers at the entrance of the site the day of the show, before the start of the event if necessary.

A voucher carries the references of the order: order number, order date, the customer’s name, date, name and venue of the show.... A voucher can be used by several beneficiaries; in this case, their number will be mentioned.

In some cases and only at the request by the sites (producers, promoters ...), the original tickets may be issued directly.

The tickets are sent only after the payment is made in its entirety. Only the Customers with tickets can attend the show (hereinafter the "Shows") subject to the order placed with CHECK THEATRE.

1.4. Compliance

It is the Customer who needs to make sure that the information on the ticket corresponds to what he or she actually ordered (date, venue of the show, seat ...). In case of discrepancy in the information with what was initially provided by the Customer, CHECK THEATRE will exchange or refund the entire order to the extent that the claim is made before the show. No claim will be accepted after the show.

All claims must be made within 72 hours after the tickets are received by post: CHECK THEATRE - 66 rue des Archives – 75003 Paris or via the following E-mail address: contact@check-theatre.fr 

1.5. Rates

Rates quoted in all sales documents as well as on the website www.check-theatre.fr are in Euro, all taxes included (TTC). It is stated that they are subject to revision based on particular theaters, pricing policies or modification of the VAT rate. The applicable rates are those posted on the site www.check-theatre.fr the day the firm and final order of the Customer is placed. Rates quoted include the agency fees, management fees and applicable taxes. Any adjustment will be applied in agreement with the theaters.

In case of late payment, penalties as much as three times of the legal interest rate may be applied. All professionals (excluding the consumers), in addition to the above penalties, subject to the rules on payment deadlines set out in the Commercial Code will have to pay a lump sum of € 40 (art. 441-5 D. C.Com C.Com and L.441-6) if paying an invoice after expiry of the payment deadline.

1.6. Booking

Booking can be done via the following devices:
-    By telephone: +33 1 42 46 10 66
from France or abroad, from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 18:00.
-    By internet: www.check-theatre.fr
-    By E-mail: contact@check-theatre.fr 

No booking requests, changes or cancellations can be processed unless they are made in writing (fax, E-mail, registration via the website). Booking is mandatory and becomes firm and final upon reception of the payment.

1.7. Someone with reduced mobility

When a booking is made, it is necessary to inform us of any disability of any kind that may require special attention from us so we can tailor the service. For this purpose, a special request will be be made to the theater, provided that if the access is impossible due to the infrastructure of the theater, CHECK THEATRE will in no case be held liable for it.

1.8. Acceptable Payment Methods

-    Credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard);
-    Bank check;
-    Wire transfer;
-    Cash.

1.9. CHECK THEATRE Premium Service 

CHECK THEATRE offers a Premium Service to Hotels concierges giving access to:

-    Direct booking line from Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm;
-    Billing statement; 
-    Cancellation insurance D-7 (CHECK THEATRE will reimburse the entire order, agency and Premium Service fees excluded)  

1.10. Delivery

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the Shows. These fees (subject to the VAT rate applicable on the date of the order) will be charged in extra and indicated before the final confirmation of the order if necessary.

Delivery Methods:

Priority letter (48h to 72h): 4,50 € TTC
Colissimo (48h): 7,50 € TTC
Registered Mail (48h): 11 € TTC
Chronopost 24h (on request from our consultants): 22 € TTC
Courier: 16 € TTC


For your full and complete information, please be reminded that the delivery time is given for indication only and is not intended to entail the liability of CHECK THEATRE in case of non-compliance due to force majeure or any other causes beyond the control of CHECK THEATRE especially due to the delivery service provider of the tickets or directly attributable to the Customer (absence during the delivery, entry error in the delivery address when placing the order).

In case of obvious delay, CHECK THEATRE undertakes to use its best efforts to resolve the malfunction on the delivery service provider side. It is stipulated that if the delivery period exceeds 30 days from the date of order by CHECK THEATRE, the sales contract between the parties can be canceled and the Customer will be refunded. In case of damage during shipping, any request must be made directly with the carrier at the time of receipt or within a period of three days following the said receipt.

In case of transmission of the voucher via email, it is up to the Customer to verify the correct receipt of the voucher and promptly notify CHECK THEATRE of the contrary. CHECK THEATRE shall not be held liable if the Customer failed to properly inform CHECK THEATRE of non-receipt of the voucher or other element duly transmitted by CHECK THEATRE.

1.11. Schedules and delays

It is imperative that the Customer respects the time schedule indicated on the voucher, the final ticket and / or any other document provided to him or her by CHECK THEATRE. It is specified that in case of the Customer being late, the access to the venue will be denied without that being a ground for postponement or refund of the Show. In any case if access was given to him or her no compensation will be possible and the initial duration of the show will be reduced.

1.12. Reimbursement and Usage

CHECK THEATRE will make no refund and / or compensation of any kind if the Show is interrupted, shortened or not consumed by the Customer or any other beneficiary of the tickets. No refund will be made in case of loss or theft of a final ticket or absence of the final voucher the day of the Show. Being late or no show will be considered as abandon and shall not give rise to any refund.
Please note that the ticket cannot be returned or exchanged except in case of cancellation of the show. Any refund will be up to the face value printed on the ticket or the final voucher. No duplicate tickets will be issued including in case of loss or theft.
To access the show, the Customer and their companions if any, must bring their valid identity documents and definitive ticket or final voucher.
The show takes place under the sole responsibility of the organizer, CHECK THEATRE shall not be held liable in any capacity.
The Customer authorizes CHECK THEATRE to contact and inform him or her of what to do in case of cancellation, modification or postponement of the show for which an order has been made.

To check if the show will still be on, contact 24 hours before the show +33 1 42 46 10 66 / contact@check-theatre.fr

1.13. Force majeure

Is a case of force majeure or any fortuitous outdoor event, unforeseeable and irresistible, as defined by applicable law or jurisprudence of the French courts (public enforcement, hostilities, wars, riots, acts of the prince, natural disasters, fires, floods, extreme weather, hindering the smooth running of CHECK THEATRE or that of one of its suppliers, subcontractors or carriers, as well as damages, failures or delays of one or several service providers, blocking of telecommunications, Internet blocking, hardware failure when broadcasting the show, interruption of transport, energy supply, raw materials ...).
The party wishing to invoke an event of force majeure should immediately notify the other party of the beginning and the end of the event, otherwise it will not be discharged from liability.

1.14. No withdrawal

In accordance with Article L.121-21-8 of the FrenchConsumer Code, show tickets are not subject to a right of withdrawal.

1.15. Insurance and Guarantee

The partners selected by CHECK THEATRE have reported to be holding professional indemnity insurance in amounts sufficient for the provision of the Shows and have all permits, licenses and / or diploma allowing them to exercise their activities regularly and in accordance with legislation and / or applicable regulations. CHECK THEATRE has also taken out an insurance policy from a reputable insurer to cover professional civil liability. Please note that the Customer is responsible for all damages resulting from their own acts and is therefore advised to take out insurance to cover this risk.

1.16. Litigation, mediation and applicable law

The TOS are subject to French law. The language of these TOS is French.

For any claim please contact our customer service at the following address: CHECK THEATRE Customer Service - 66 rue des Archives – 75003 Paris.

CHECK THEATRE adheres to the mediation system set up by the CMAP (Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris), so if you encounter a problem with an order: http://conso.cmap.fr/ 

In case of litigation, exclusive jurisdiction is given to French Courts.
In case of litigation with professionals and / or traders, the Commercial court of CHECK THEATRE’s headquarter location will be competent.

1.17. Protection of personal data and cookies

We invite you to read our policy on personal data and cookies:

1. Personal Data Policy: www.check-theatre.fr/Privacy/ 
2. Cookies Policy: www.check-theatre.fr/Conditionsofuse/ 

2. Specific conditions related to the sale of tickets
2.1. Introduction

The Specific Conditions are intended to regulate the ticket sales by CHECK THEATRE only and complement the TOS. It is specified that in case of conflict between these two documents, the Specific Terms shall prevail.
CHECK THEATRE intervient comme un intermédiaire au nom des organisateurs et/ou fournisseurs de Billetterie et pour le compte de ces derniers. Ainsi les présentes Conditions concernent exclusivement la vente de Billetterie uniquement et non l’évènement en lui-même.     
CHECK THEATRE acts as an intermediary on behalf of the organizers and / or suppliers of tickets and on behalf of the latter. Thus these terms apply exclusively to the sale of Ticket only, not the event itself.

2.2. Services

CHECK THEATRE provides mainly theater tickets of Category 1 and / or Golden Square, but also other seat categories.

2.3. Availability

As part of its partnerships, CHECK THEATRE has a reserve of seats, however, this reserve is limited. CHECK THEATRE can only commit to satisfying its customers to the extent of ticket availability.
If the Customer wishes to add one or more seat(s) in extra to a booking already made and finalized, CHECK THEATRE may not guarantee that these additional seats will be located next to the first seats booked.

2.4. Cancellation

According to Article 1.11 of the TOS, the tickets can not be canceled or postponed, altered or exchanged. The theaters and event organizers reserve the right to cancel a show without informing the recipient and without this cancellation and / or postponement being justified to the beneficiary, with no  compensation other than refund of the ticket (at a time set by the producer). The events are held under the sole responsibility of the organizer. To this end, CHECK THEATRE shall under no circumstances be held liable for cancellation.
To check if the show is still on, contact 24 hours before the show +33 1 42 46 10 66 / contact@check-theatre.fr 

2.5. Loss of definitive tickets

The producers, the organizers of shows and the venues have no obligation to make duplicate issuance. This provision may be subject to special arrangement if your ticket is numbered (allocated seat in the room).
Numbered ticket: In case of loss, it is sometimes possible to get a duplicate as an exception. The said duplicate replaces the original ticket. This request for duplicate need to be made with CHECK THEATRE within 72 hours before the Show or at the latest the morning of the show (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays). The duplicate issued by CHECK THEATRE will be made available the latest at the venue’s ticket counter 30 minutes before the Show, to the person whose name was used to make the booking.
Open ticket, free seat or unnumbered seat: Duplicate impossible. Any unsuccessful ticket reception is a ticket lost (nonrefundable - non exchangeable). It is highly recommended to opt for a secure shipment.

Updated on Dec 22, 2017.